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1.  If you would like to preregister or if you are unable to attend this year’s sale and would like to send a designated buyer in your place, please (click on (Buyers Form) link below to download), fill out the form and return to the Jim Wells County Fair Office.

Please Fax or Email this form to the Jim Wells County Fair Office by noon on October 25th 2019

Fax #
361-668-8563               email:

2.  If you are a new buyer or have not purchased a fair project in the last 2 years, you can still preregister by filling out the buyers form and sending a registration fee of $300.00  to:

Jim Wells County Fair Association
P.O. Box  3664
Alice,  TX  78333

This registration fee will be applied to any project or projects that you purchase.  The completed form and your registration fee must be in the Fair office by October 25th 2019 to preregister.

Buyers Form   (click on link)


​​​​Jim Wells County Fair